DJ Phingaz

DJ Phingaz was born in Orangeburg, SC. Because of economic issues his mom raised him and three other siblings in a two bedroom house on Buckley St. in Orangeburg located about 25 yards from the campus of SCSU. Life struggles were real and mom and fam were barely making ends meet but was done by the faith in the man above. STRUGGLE IS WHAT MAKES A MAN KEEP PUSHING NON-STOP TO THE TOP!!! After listening to ROB BASE, LL COOL, SALT N PEPA, MICHAEL JACKSON, etc., he began to right rhymes. Later when listening and beginning to really get into the sounds of DIGITAL UNDERGROUND and TLC he was then getting deep into hip-hop and at the same time looking up to his cousin DISCO KID, a DJ from Orangeburg but now residing in St. Matthews, he started collecting CDs and recording mixtapes from the BIG DM 101 FM. Gaining major traction and growth, DJ Phingaz has built his name in the Carolina market and has been a pillar for artists and the industry alike. His main goal is to either be on TV DEE-JAYING or on a movie playing some type of good acting role. DJ PHINGAZ HAS TRAINED: DJ AARIES(ATL) DJ N-ER-JIZER(SC) LIST STILL GROWING!!!! BIG UPS TO DJ 2 MUCH(SC)**********inspired by: DJ SHAKIM, DJ FROSTY, DISCO KIDD, DJ PRINCE ICE, DJ JAM MASTER J